21 November 2014

Sad and Happy Beagle News!

Last March we welcomed a third Beagle into our home. Bertie was 14 years old and homeless and when we collected him from Beagle Welfare we were expecting a fat, old, doddery Beagle but how wrong we were! Bertie was a typical Beagle, full of mischief and energy. He loved to cuddle and make friends! He adored it when we swapped him onto raw food, he would remind me when it was mealtimes and honk at me til I fed him! He used to go bonkers when it was walkies time, loved wandering around the park, mooching and sniffing sniffs!
He fitted in with our Family beautifully and was a real character, such a sweet, gentle soul!
Sadly after a year his body let him down. We knew he had prostate cancer but he was doing OK with that but he developed pancreatitis which didn't respond to antibiotics.We always said that if he couldn't eat that it would be time to let him go and now was that time. It was so hard for all of us, it was almost unbearable to see how upset everyone was. It's one of the hardest things to do, say goodbye to a sweet, sweet soul like dear Bertie.

He loved his naps!

 He adored coming on holiday to Wales with us! Love those ears!

Fitted in with our family and loved walkies.....

He was our beautiful boy and we were lucky to have had him as part of our Family.

Miss that face xxx

A couple of months after losing Bertie we started to think about rehoming another older Beagle as they tend to be overlooked. Almost straight away we found Oscar who was nearly 10 years old!

We collected Oscar from BeagleWelfare and our son came with us. We decided to rename Oscar as this was a fresh start for him and our son suggested Milo which seemed to fit him!

Milo's a real sweetie who loves his cuddles and snuggling up on the sofa!

He likes to play with his soft toys, here he is with rat-rat!

Like our other Beagles he gets very excited about going on trips in the car!

He's fitted right in with all of us!

We're lucky to have met Milo, he's helped to fill the void a little since Bertie passed, he's bought us a great deal of joy! We're a very lucky family!

GlitteryKatie xxx

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Artyjen said...

Awwwh......yes sad and happy.
Wishing Milo many happy years with you.
xoxo Sioux