30 August 2007

Go Go Stash

So stash shopping has been fairly scarce recently- I was mojo-less in July due to Pup's arrival!!! However I have LOVED receiving my ScrapaGoGo kits each month- what a treat they are!! A real kick start for the flagging creativity!
Here are June's and next month's kits! I love the mention of 'glitter paper' in Spetember's kit- YES!!!

28 August 2007

A True Friend

I was very honoured to be asked by Correna to submit a LO for the A True Friend blog - a blog that celebrates our pets.
Having become a pet owner recently I admit I was nervous about scrapping my first LO of Willow!
Of course I say pet owner like WE own Willow but as time goes on I suspect that the opposite is true!! Note for example WHERE Willow has made herself comfy!! Should one of us sit down it seems to be an open invite to become a doggy lounging post for Missy W!!!
I captured this lovely moment of Willow relaxing on 'The Blonde One's' lap, something they both enjoy! Soon after Willow was fast asleep and snoring contentedly- now that's trust!

Patterned papers: Cosmo Cricket Gretel; Basic Grey Recess.
Other: QuicKutz dies and Finale Grande alphabet; Ranger Paint Dabber; Chipboard Frame; Autumn Leaves stamps.

26 August 2007

Dares Updatehttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gif

Collectively Yours is taking a break for the summer as lots of us are on hols, tending children/ pups and other assorted animules and generally enjoying brief periods of sunshine *snorts derisively here*
Seriously though, with so little of the 'yellow stuff' in the sky you have to dash out and prance round in it any chance you get!!!

We will be back with the Dares refreshed and bubbling with Mojo inspiring ideas in September -ahhh I LOVE Autumn so much!!!
Here are some of the Dares that I did whilst I was being a puppy wrangler and badly neglecting my Blog- Sorrrrrreeeeee!!!!! *apologetic grin*

Dares were to use Monochromatics- there's a blast from the past!! I remember when the Bazzill monos came out- I'm afraid I am a Patterned Paper girl and I really struggled to use the Monos first time around! My take on this challenge was to use mono PP's for my LO for this challenge as I do like my PP's and filling up space- try as I might I don't seem to be able to leave 'white space' alone!!! Hee-hee I couldn't let it lie!!! More is MORE in my book!!

Speaking of Patterned Paper-we were challenged to use FOUR or more patterned papers on one LO. I loved this piccies My Big Sis' took of my nephew and me playing Boxing on the Nintendo Wii. I had some beautiful 7gypsies papers which went with the piccies nicely and co-ordinated with one another. I used small strips of papers in some areas- to show you don't have to have BIG blocks of PP's on a page

Our last challenge before our break was to use Die Cuts. I will put my hands up to being a QuicKutz fan!! I had this great pics of the 'Blonde One' and 'Miss Acorn' messing around in the rain to lracous renderind of Rhianna's 'Under my Umberella-ella-ella' *giggle* please note the use of 'JAZZ hands' by DD whilst performing- a future lovie perhaps??!

Things they don't include in the books!!!!

..never owned a dog before (my Mum wasn't into that sort of thing!!) and I've made LOTS of discoveries, NONE of which were mentioned in the extensive list of books I read:-

~Puppies fart...enough to stink out a room!
~Puppies love veggies!
~My puppy eats her own pooh (ugh)
~We cheered when Willow buried then FOUND her first item (OK it was only a carrot!!)
~Puppies sleep a lot
~Puppies snore!
~Having a puppy makes you a magnet for everyone and strangers talk to you...well to the puppy!!!
~Beagles have BIG ears that soak up water from their bowl and transports it around the house!!
~Willow loves drinking from the end of the hose...a puddle...buckets almost anywhere OTHER than her nice clean drinking water.
~Puppies chew...ALL THE TIME!
~Puppies are unbelievably adorable
~Puppies are unbelievably annoying
~Puppies are unbelievably funny
~People walking their dogs in the park are REALLY helpful and full of kind words for nervous new puppy owners.
~Puppies like Lego (children are NOT keen on this)
~Willow loves sleeping behind the TV
~Willow sunbathes
~Beagles NEVER lift their nose off the ground except to eat something
~Willow kisses us
~Willow sucks my fingers when she's sleepy
~Willow makes groany noises when tired
~We love Willow and can't imagine her not being in our family

22 August 2007

AWOL - Sorry!!!!

I'm sorry I've been AWOL for so long- I have a good excuse really I do!!!
Here's Willow!!!
She joined us on July 9th and I've been in a mad whirl of new doggydom ever since!!!