6 October 2014

What I've been up to Pt. 3

So I was recovering from my infection and swimming with anti-biotics and the plan HAD been to let me go home and recover for a month then come back in and have my gall bladder removed! However because I'd had a catalogue of illness connected with the GB the surgeons arrived and told me it was coming out this week! I was a bit shocked but I knew it was logical as I could get another stone lodged and jaundice and so on and so on!
I spent Tuesday nil by mouth and was finally collected about 3.45pm and wheeled through the hospital to the anaesthetic room where there were 4 staff waiting and a load of surgeons too! They all wanted a look at the GB that had caused all the problems! I woke up about 45 mins later with three little incisions and a drain (YUCK) having been done!

this is me looking a bit blasted post op but smiling (although that might be the drugs!!)
Had an awkward night negotiating getting up and to the bathroom with the drips and drain but gradually got quite blase about it, toddling out and making my own tea by the next morning! Drain was removed and I was patched up and DH came to collect me and I was HOME!!

I have to thank everyone who looked after me at the JR(apart from one!) as they helped me and DH through a tough and scary time! It took me about three weeks to feel better after my op as I'd been so unwell and lost so much wait and muscle tone, amazing how quick that goes! My DH was a rock , visiting me twice a day for all those weeks and looking after the kids and dogs while working from home for 5 weeks!

So now I'm better, scars are fading fast, I'm lighter and do Pilates twice a week so now more back pain, I can even wear sports clothes without feeling uncomfortable, so weirdly it's been a very positive experience!

GlitteryKatie xxx

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Artyjen said...

It's good you had a positive ending to all that!!! Although i think I'll pass on the same experience to achieve some weight loss!!! ROFL
xoxo Sioux