20 October 2014

Hooky fun!

One thing I've continued recently is my crochet!
All my blankets have been put away for now as we are planning on moving soon but small projects are easy to have on the go!

I have a lovely dolly on the go for my Friend Archie!

she needs her head attaching to her body but she has a mass of red hair now! Looking forward to getting to work on her clothes next!

I made a little Tinkerbell for my Great Niece !

Recently I have made two Baby Groots from Twinkie Chan's lovely pattern. Have you seen Guardians of the Galaxy, brilliant fun film and Baby Groot is adorable!

Nearly forgot I knitted a couple of baby jackets and crocheted a couple of hats and a blanket for a Friend's Grandson back at the beginning of the year! Hadn't knitted a baby jacket since I was expecting my eldest son back in 1996!

I nearly forgot this little chap I made for my Sister's birthday. We both love the Ann McCaffrey Dragon book so this is a little gold dragon for her!

 Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xx

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Artyjen said...

How fab! I admire your stuff....knitting and me don't really get along!! LOL
xoxo Sioux