25 August 2013

Catch up!

Been a busy time here at the Old Oak Tree!
The Boy with the hair had been unwell for a couple of weeks and was dramatically diagnosed as a Type 1 diabetic with a hospital dash and an overnight stay!

I'm happy to report we're into week 6 and he's doing stunningly, managing all his testing and injections himself! Very proud Mamma here!
Strangely diabetes is related to Coeliac disease which is a gluten intolerance which his little sister was diagnosed with in April!

We weren't done with hospitals as 'DH' had been rushed into hosp in May in the most terrible pain and was diagnosed with gallstones. So it was his turn to have an overnight stay at the hospital and have his gallbladder out- he did get to wear a natty pair of stockings though!

He's recovered really well and feels so much better now the evil 'Bladd the Inflamer' as it became known was taken out...we imagine he's in a jar jar spitting bile at anyone who walks past!
Apart from 4 little scars you'd never know 'DH' had been under the knife- amazing!

Our Beagles are are as bonkers as ever, although sweetie Rowdy had a fit last night- he has epilepsy but thankfully he has infrequent fits but last nights was a bit longer than usual and he took a while to find his feet. He is such a little pud and it's awful to see him distressed- luckily the presence of our other two Beagles seemed to help a lot!
Bertie had a stay at the vets last month but he's bounced back and is impressively fit and active for a fourteen year old!
Willow had a brief period of defiance, not coming back at the park which was cured by attaching her and Bertie together on a long lead- worked really well until they got themselves wrapped around a tree once, but it's done the trick and Miss Willow is coming back when asked now!

As you can see the Beagues had a lovely time when we went on hols last week!
It was our first time in the Gower Peninnsular in Wales and it was fabulous!

This is the cottage viewed from the 300ft hill on the opposite side of the valley!

...this is when we became a family of Monopoly and Scrabble addicts!!

..beautiful views across the estuary...

...and stunning beaches...

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxx

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