25 July 2012

Bombshell JULY Blog Hop!!

 Here's Alison with her challenge for us all this month:

The July hop theme is called "Iconic." So you will need to break out those fabulous, teeny weeny stamps that come with all of your sets and use them as your focus. You'll be able to use 1 large image too, but let's keep it as 1 (feel free to use none!). The focus is on all of the little icons

 Inspired by Susie's Jewellery challenge earlier in the month I decided to keep with that theme for Alison's Iconic challenge as I liked the idea of creating a little biddy frame for these iddy biddy stamp images!
I had some easy squish bottle caps from a friend and put them through my Cuttlebug to create the bezel for these brooches. I had tried a normal beer cap but it was considerably stronger than these ones and for while was embedded in my A plate: so if you can get the softer tops I'd recommend them!!
I made a template so I knew what size circle fitted in the bottle cap: I then stamped inside this area firstly with the Retro stamps in red ink from the Bombshell Angel stamp set  followed by the cherries from the Love and Luck set. The cherries I used Distress Markers to colour onto the rubber so I had red cherries and green leaves, Tim Holtz demos this technique on his blog if you want to see a video of it! I matted the card circle onto some brown cardstock to form a little outer frame and added some Distress ink in brown around the edges. Once the completed piece was stuck onto the bottle cap I poured some Crackle Glaze onto the surface and left it on a level surface (out of reach of my pokey fingers) to dry and viola it was complete!

For the second brooch I stamped the image using the 'K' for Katie from the Classic Tattoo Font in red ink and used the teeny star icon from the Anchor Mermaid set- it's so small it's just wonderful all round the edges. I used Distress ink round the edges of the cardstock circle and stuck it onto the bottlecap. I added a little red Distress Stickles round the edges and poured some clear crackle glaze all over the bottle cap as before!

Lastly you need to add brooch pin to the back or a clip for a chain and your piece is ready to wear!

So that's my take on Alison's challenge now see what the other's have created this month.
Here's the road map to all the Bombshell goodness by the DT:

Bombshell Blog
Sparkly Engineer Mary
Glittery Katie: YOU ARE HERE!!!!

Now it's YOUR turn- play along via the BOMBSHELL BLOG and our cool linkydink for a chance to win gorgeous Bombshell gooodies!!

Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xxx


Stempelientje said...

Great retro brooches! I love how you made the cracks in it.

Torrey said...

Oooh,these are cool! I love bottlecappy stuff. I could see doing this for earrings, bracelets, buttons...you've got my wheels a turnin'!

Kim said...

Awesome broaches! I love the distressed look of them.

Kathi said...

Those are fabulous! I love the Crackle accent K because I think "K" is such a lovely letter.

BTW, here's one of my methods for squishing the bottle caps.
1) Put the bottlecaps onto concrete behind the wheels of my car.
2) Put a board over them.
3) Reverse over them and then put the car into drive and go forward.

Alison said...

Great bottle cap jewelry! I really love the one with the "K." I really like personalized jewelry. Love the crackling too!

Alaine said...

Bottlcaps, bottlecaps YAY! I really like the cracked look.

Laura B said...

Wonderful brooches! I love the crackle details, and that you used colored inks for the stamping.:)

Sparkly Engineer said...

Excellent - I love bottle caps although I always use beer bottle caps and squash them with a rubber mallet. I never thought to use the crackle glaze on them. Going to have to try this.