20 May 2012

Yellow well Pink Rose of Texas!

A little late to the party due to technical difficulties but here's my go at Jennie's cool 'Bingo Card' challenge. I chose Red, Roses and Pins

This is my debut of the no lines colouring technique where you use a plae ink instead of trad black to stamp your image in. I did have a little go before but decided to through my lot in and do Retro Cowgirl AND the roses in this style!
Well I did OK I think although I it's something which I feel I need to practise, to become more comfortable with- it's definitely different from using black ink to stamp with!
I relied on the darker shading to create an outline, something which was tricky with the roses as there are so many edges on a rose petal!!
I went a bundle on Bombshell Stamps too as I used the cowgirl from Retro Cowgirl, the poem and sentiment from Rose's Portrait, the roses and scroll decoration from Dead Necessities , a banner from Banner Sayings , and a  swallow from Love and Luck!
I created a decorative pin for the card using a pin (!) and some pearls glued on with Glossy AccentsI also broke out my new Spellbinder Nestabilities, Floral Ovals which are so perty!!
Thanks to Jennie for the ACE May challenge I loved it!
Happy Crafting everyone!!
GlitteryKatie xx

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