6 January 2012

Watch Out......

....Comfort Seeking Missiles on the loose!
Keys to Beagle happiness; Walk, breakfast (more breakfast would be nice!), quilt, sofa, view out of window, radiator ON -CHECK!
 It's a hard life being a Beagle. NOBODY understands the stresses and strains involved so unwinding is important!! ;)
Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie xx


Artyjen said...

Too cute! Aah to be a Beagle! LOL
Don't know if you have popped over to The Artistic Stamper challenge blog in the past couple of days but you have won the prize for December! Hey :)
Claim it quick ;) Congrats.....loved the metal effect on the tag.....did not get to comment on many in December as my computer has been up the swanney!!
xoxo Sioux

Queenie said...

They ARE adoreable!!!
Ahhhh to be a beagle,lol.
Happy New Year.


Sara a.k.a. Eternal Princess Ryan said...

OMGoodness... They are so adorable! I just love it and being a Beagle is a really tough life! My Dwarf Bunny (who has the full run of the house) believes that he has such a terrible life too! LOL! Hugs!

Anonymous said...