18 November 2011

Smoothies and Roundabouts!!!

Spent a lovely afternoon in MK with hubby today!
We had a wander around Marks and Spencers which was LOVELY- so many pretty, pretty Christmas decorations and home enhancing items (homes mind you that don't have us lot and 2 dawgs in them!!!) 
Later we popped into Costas for a berry smoothie each as we were hot, parched and a bit pooped

 ...I tell you that beastie took some slurping but it was delish!!

Lastly we acted like a pair of kids and had a go on the HOOGE roundabout in the shopping centre- it had lovely ginny horses that go up and down (makes photo taking tricky though!!)

So it's Friday (Hooray) and I'm off to do some more knitting, I want to wish you all a lovely weekend!!
GlitteryKatie xxx


Bárbara said...

I loved your photos, hope to see more. I'm starting my blog now. If you can visit http://amandademelorodrigues.blogspot.com/.
Att Amanda

Anonymous said...

Katie darling, you are lovely. I hope you had a smashing Friday. I would love to keep reading about all of your adventures.