27 November 2011

Crochet Time

It was my turn to post over on It's a Creative World this weekend:
Hi all!
You may remember my post earlier in the month about Quick Knits well I've continued to knit and have even taught myself to crochet to a pattern!

First of all here's my little Gnome I was just starting last time. He knitted up really fast and came out a treat (my Sister is after him!). He was from a free pattern HERE and the only changes I made were to add some stitches tom make a nose and ears and I knitted the beard in garter stitch.

I love tortoises and knitted this teeny Torty:

I then bought a lovely pattern online for a cute piggy who was knitted- love those hooge feet!!
If you search etsy.com there are hundreds of beautiful and varied patterns for you to knit and often less than $5

I then decided that it was about time I taught myself to crochet and follow a pattern as there were so MANY adorable amigurumi patterns free on the net!

I thought I'd look for a REALLY easy pattern and spotted this cute Happy Pill pattern on Ravelry.com
(you need to sign up to use the site but you don't get any annoying emails and it's a HUGE resource!)

I had looked at instructions on how to crachet but it hadn't clicked but luckily I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube AMIGURUMI TUTORIAL and I was off!

I learnt how to decipher a crochet pattern, to increase and decrease in single crochet *beams*

So my next project was to crochet a cookie which I made up myself (get me!), followed by a cupcake from free pattern HERE and a coffee cup from HERE

I've learnt to use Slip Stitch, crochet into the front or the back of the stitch and to use HDC- half, double crochet!

Anytime I've been stuck I've resorted to Googling for the answer or heading to YouTube for a video tutorial- so easy!

As well as crocheting I've discovered 6mm black safety eyes which really give the look of an amigurumi!

So that's what I've been up to lately, I hope you enjoyed my yarn adventures and if you'd like to have a go then why not try some of these sites which have LOTS of free patterns to try!

Free Patterns:

Free Amigurumi Patterns

50 Free Adorable Amigurumi

Amigurumi Patterns.net

Ravelry.com  (requires sign up)

Complete Amigurumi Tutorial

Happy Crafting!

GlitteryKatie xXx


Sparkly Engineer said...

Wow your just stitching up a treat. Love the little gnome. I bet he would love to live in MO.

Mireille said...

They're all fab but that tortoise is so cute! Love the pic :)

Anonymous said...

OOh Katie - gorgeous stuff, you clever girlie :) I'm going to send this to my sister who is the knitter in this family. Lots of love xx

Alex said...