29 October 2011


We're feeling seasonal here this evening!
We're dressed up.
Pumpkins are scooped, carved and glittered (thanks Martha!)

Strictly Come Dancing is on and the road kill (or pepperoni) Pizza is a cookin'!

Deadly Doll and her Beau V for Vendetta:

Children are embarrassed:
 Don't annoy the cook though:

Enjoy your Halloween celebrations!!
Spooky kt xxx


Chrissy said...

OMG Katie, you both look fabulous!!! iykwim lol. xxx Pumpkins look brill as well!!! xxx

Chrissy :D

Laura B said...

You two look great! I'm a huge fan of V for Vendetta!

Cheryl Valadez said...

Hola, Chica!!! Love those glittery pumpkins and your costumes are very chic ;D Looks like you had a fabulous Halloween! Next year I'm gong to your house...LOL! Hugz, Cheryl