28 September 2011

September Bombshell Blog Hop!!!

It's time to hop and find out the theme Alison has set for the September Hump Day Hop! 

Many of our major holidays are just around the corner. I think we all know what my favorite holiday is (Halloweenie!  )...but what's yours? My challenge to you is to make a Bombshell project for your favorite holiday. Bonus points if you make a decoration!!! Use any holiday you want and create something that's going to make us want to celebrate!!! 

Great challenge thanks Alison and I agree with you that Halloween is my favourite too!!

A book or a card?

 Peer inside the book:

A room?

Ahhhh! A secret lair for the bride of Frankenstein to escape to when Mr Monster when he's in one of his moods!

So what sort of things does Mrs Monster have in her den?
Well she decorates with her own special touches:

...and a place on the shelf for her potions (she likes to cook)....

...and of course when the stresses of the day become too much there's always some liquid relaxation on hand.....

I hope you enjoyed  the tour of The Bride's crib!
Now HOP along to Sparkly Mary's blog to see her HOLIDAY HOOPLA creation!!!

Happy Crafting!
 love ,
    GlitteryKatie xxx

Here's the full list of hoppers!!


Chrissy said...

Katie...LOVE this!!! Fabulous, Spooky, a bit Freaky and def Cool!! Where do you get your ideas from?? lol.

Were you working on this at the crop, I remember seeing a purple box, or is that another creation??

Chrissy. xxx

Mary G. said...

Another fabulous Katie creation!!!! This is amazing!!!!

Alex said...

HOLY GUACAMOLE!! This is FABULOUS! I absolutely love everything about this. I must try my hand at a book/room, but it will never be THIS cool! Love the extras, potions, and spirits :) LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!!!

Kelli said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! It's awesome especially love the stress relief!!! Your room is wonderful!!!

The Whimsical Wren said...

Wow, what a fabulous creation. I absolutely love it. The detail is tremendous.

Jennie x

Nicole Maki said...

Incredible details. I just one your 3D projects and this one is no exception.

Kathi said...

Brilliant! I love the Bride's retreat and especially love the potions. Bailey's is always such a great treat!

Alison said...

Ohmygosh...I need to make this! Or...you can send me this one! ;) This is freakin' fang-tastic! I love everything about it!

MellyMel said...

*squeal* this is AWESOME. WOW i'm almost speechless.... love love love this very creative thank you for sharing.


Muckyfingers said...

Simply brilliant!!!! xoxox