15 April 2011

My Tattoo!!

So I turned 40 last June and my darling 'DH' booked me in with AWESOME Tattoo artist Dawnii Fantana.

Well finally after thinking and planning and dreaming about my BIG tattoo the moment is nearly here!!! Next Wednesday I am off to get inked!
To add to my excitement Dawnii sent me the sketch today...do you want a sneak peak.....

To say I'm excited is an understatement- I'm also REALLY nervous now cos it's suddenly HERE!!!!
Well back to reality for now, kitchen to tidy, dogs and kids to feed!!
GlitteryKatie xxx


Artyjen said...

That's a very sneeky peek! I would not have the guts to get a tattoo it took me over 5 years to take the plunge and have my ears pierced!!! HOL
xoxo Sioux

Laura said...

sugar skull goodness AHHHHHHH i wanna see more !!!!!!

Sugar said...

oooo I think I see a sugarskull.. Cant wait to see it!!

Stempelientje said...


Dawn said...

Oh that is a cheeky sneek peek! Wish there was more Can't wait to see it done! Good luck!

Sparkly Engineer said...

Hmmm - looks suspiously like a sugar skull? With butterflies? Can't wait to see the finished ink.