4 March 2011

Tim Time

So didn't I have a SUPER Fabbo time on Feb 25th?! As well as being Big Sister's birthday I was at the PaperArtsy event of the YEAR with Mr TIM HOLTZ!!!!
I've been cheeky and borrowed some of the delightful Mario's photos from his Twitter page because like a twit I forgot my camera.
We were given:
Kits with papers,inks, paint and a large Configurations Box

LOTS of tissue tape!!

...and a baggie full of glorious things:

This together with the effervescent and wonderful Tim Holtz...

We produced....

Can you see Little Tim??!!

I altered Tim's Fragmented Doll, turning her into a freaky Fairy!

Miss Willow enjoyed exploring my Box!!

Happy Crafting!
Love GlitteryKatie XxX


Mireille said...

Ahhhhh Katie, that's just gorgeous! Glad you had a brilliant time and can't believe you forgot your camera! LOL x

Esellek's Crafty Playground and Other Stuff said...

Ohhh look at all that yummydidsquidgilous stuff :)

alexa said...

Like all those things on your 'shelves' - a veritable cornucopia!

Sunshine Girl said...

Wasnt it a great day! it was nice to catch up with you albeit for five minutes! Love your masked card on the post above too.