21 March 2011

Teddy Time!

I love Traditional Teddy Bears and I love anything miniature so when I spotted these gorgeous kits by Emily Farmer on Etsy I was so stoked!!  I was even happier when my darling hubby bought me a kit for Christmas!!
The kits are gorgeous and include EVERYTHING you need except thread and filling- so you are ready to go straight out the bag!
I love the traditional styling of Emily's bears and her kits make up beautifully, the fabric is a non-fray type which makes the stitching up part much easier!
Emily is also available via email for tips and any questions you may have, which is great if you are a newbie!
The kits are small and can be fiddly but if you are a neat stitcher and have made some toys before you won't have any problems with these kits.

Here are my Teddies so far:

Scooter on the left with the trousers is 3.25 inches tall and his lil bear friend in front is a tiny 1.5 inches short! The larger white and peach bears are 3.25 inches in height!

Here's my latest bear based on Scooter but in a soft blue rayon fabric:


I've been making them as pressies for my family as they are so cute- you don't realise how small they are until you hold one in your hand!

I'm currently working on this cutie:

As you can see I'm building a little collection but at least they don't take up much room!
Emily's kits are available from her Etsy Store, her online store EmilyFarmer.com and in the UK fromEmmary Bears.
Happy Crafting!
GlitteryKatie XxxX


Sparkly Engineer said...

What cute little bears. How do you find time for so much crafting?

Chrissy said...

What gorgeous teddies!!! so very cute you are clever!!

Chrissy. xxxx :D

Gez said...

Wow! How Wonderful!
I am so happy to find this post this morning and thank you so much for the UK link.
I LOVE teddies and would love to have ago at making a minature one. I can feel a new obbession coming on. :D
THANKS! Love Gez.xx