2 February 2011

My Inner Bombshell and Multi Masking Tutorial

Mary G has challenged the Bombshell team to come up with a Bombshell project that reveals their inner Bombshell!
As a Gemini I find I have two distinct sides to my personality and my crafting! Sometimes I'm neater and nicer and like to go with pretty, glittery and happy. Other times I'm inky, grungey, showing a dark sense of humour and loving skulls and tattoos!
So my Bombshell project is kinda my Gemini self!
I layered multiple Bombshell images by using masking. 
First I stamped the Bombshell Bride onto my card with Memento ink.
I stamped her again onto some scrap paper and cut her out to make a mask. A little repositionable Hermafix on the back of the mask and placed it over my stamped image:

Next I lined up where I wanted my second stamped image and stamped her over the mask:

Then I had my two main Bombshells 'Lucky Bride and Butterfly Queen' next to each other:

I stamped Butterfly Queen onto scrap paper and cut her out so I could make a mask for my second stamped image, I could then start stamping over the two Bombshells without making a mess of them. Here are both Bombshells, masked with some of the next layer of stamping going on:

As I progressed I added more masks so that I could over stamp more of the card:

Not all the masks were stamped on scrap and cut out- for smaller images, sometimes all I needed to use were strips of paper to protect an image below:

Once all the stamping was done and the masking removed the card looked like:

The final job was to colour the images in and add some extra images with 3d foam to make the pop off the card

I really enjoy this technique as you get a really dense layered look but you can still focus on the main subjects of the card. It's quite involved but i find it quite relaxing and my 'DH' commented on how quiet the colouring in kept me!!

I've used this technique before:

and if you leave the images uncoloured apart from sweeping with Distress inks it forms a cool background:

Happy Crafting!
Glittery Katie xxxx


Jennifer said...

Wow, that is pretty cool!

Stempelientje said...

WOW Katie!! How many Bombshells can you get on one card? LOL!!
You did a awesome job!!And your blog looks great!!

lyzzydee said...

Great effect, loads of hard work!!

ALI said...

simply fantastic

Esellek's Crafty Playground and Other Stuff said...

trying to think of something and all I am getting is "WOW"

Cheryl Valadez said...

Hi Katie! This tutorial was freakin' great! And the projects you showcased using this technique just about blew my socks off!!! I bow to thee, oh great Bombshell Goddess...LOL!!!