4 January 2011

Sorry MIA

My beloved iMac has gone caput and I am VERY limited in my internet time :( oh i miss you all!
I have sent iMac off to the docs but with the Chrissy hols and New Years break it will be a while before  hear what I fear will be BAD news. Fingers crossed that I will be back with y'all by mid January.
I'm so gutted- all my photies are on the 'pooter and my misuc *sigh* I 'spose this is the DOWN side of being all technological!
I have been busy crafting- I have some Bombshell cards ready to photograph and share and a gorgeous teeny bear that I made from a ki I received from 'DH' for Christmas. See Emilyfarmer.com if you want to see the cutest lil bears EVER!!
Today I started making a quilt for eldest son 'The Blonde One' using the drunk log cabin style of block- taking it easy as it's new!! Lovingthe fabrics-all tattoo and skull inspired mostly by Alexander Henry- awesome!
Well I'm off to try and get some onlinbe chores done whilst I have access to the net!
Love GlitteryKatie xXXx

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