22 June 2010

Shrine Time!

I've loved looking at shrines that other people have created and wanted to 'have a go' but didn't really have a clue where to start! So to give me a kick start I decided to sign up for a small swap on a forum! Talk about throwing myself in at the deep end- I hadn't a clue!!

So I pootled off to one of my fave blogs by Effie to have a peruse of her shrines and get some ideas!

So where to start? Efemera had recommended using foam core board to create a box for the shrine so I went off to our local art shop and bought a HUGE A1 piece for about two quid! The foam core board is light and strong and is about 1/4" thick so it makes a great box!

I used double sided tape to attach the sections of foam core board together:

...adding shelves as I needed:

I then covered the whole shrine with torn pieces of Dictionary pages (DO be careful to check for rude words!!). I used a spray on glue to stick the paper on- as it was dry straight away, no waiting around for glue!

I then used Distress Inks to colour the shrine. I squidged a foam pad onto the ink pad then rubbed the colour onto different parts of the shrine.

When the ink was dry I stamped a swirly stamp onto the shrine and added gold embossing powder which I heated carefully with my heat gun.

Next it was time to create the 'story' for my shrine.

This is a window into my VERY strange brain- but I based my shrine on a dream I had...about moths and buses and West Drayton, don't ask *chortles*

So I found or made items that would tell my story and assembled them on the shelves. I wanted it to look like the jumbled, over stuffed shelves of a Victorian museum (like the Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford!) full of a weird, eclectic mix of items!

Here are some close-ups of the shelves and the bits and pieces!

So there's my first shrine! I was pleased with it and surprised how easy it was to make! Making it was much easier than the worrying about making it that I did before hand!

I found the process of filling the little shelves really fun and it certainly got the mojo flowing- in fact I have another shrine in the planning stage already! I think I'm gonna have a lot of fun with shrines!

*Waggles inky fingers*



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Boo said...

Oh wicked or what KT! I was gonna say who's that cute little monkey but when I enlarged it I could see it was an owl!! Nice tut girl. :D