4 April 2010

Enjoying a nice cuppa tea-NOT!!

So Saturday morning I sat down for a lovely cuppa tea but I had forgotten how much my Beagles LOVE my tea!
It started out Ok!

THEN Rowdy (on my lap) spotted some people outside who needed to be Woo-Woo'ed at (right in my ear!)

Finally Willow was totally blatant- waiting until I looked at Rowdy to go for the lunge!!


jo said...


Boo said...

LOL!!! Love that term "woo-woo'd at". Mine were the same. I used to fair leap out of my skin when they started. I shall hopefully have pictures on my blog soon with My Little Teddy. :wub:

Bernie said...

heehee loving those pics!!
Hope all is well with you!
Bernie x

lyzzydee said...

Norty woofs!!!!