6 February 2010

So I guess I'm hooked....

.....on quilting as I've ordered a second lot of fabric by the hugely talented Tula Pink.
So here's what I have....NEPTUNE!
Isn't it GORGEOUS?!
The 'Boy with the Hair' asked very sweetly if I could make him a quilt as he's a born snuggler and I was more than happy to agree!


I think he liked it!!
GlitteryKatie x


Boho Rose said...

Oh! It's so lovely! I'm in love with Tula Pink's fabric & Moda too :)

lyzzydee said...

They are all gorgeous but I naturally lean towards the green and the puink ones!!

Cath x said...

Goodness me! Wish they made paper in those designs!

Nicole Maki said...

Oh, man. Those are gorgeous.

I just bought the blue/green Meadowsweet fabric from Fat Quarter Shop.

I think fabric is possibly even more dangerous than paper.