17 January 2010


If you remember THIS POST
I was pootling along with the patchworky part of my quilt!
If you are interested you can read my Adventures in Quilting over on IACW (part 2 later this week!)
But I've had a blast making my quilt and I even HAND quilted in the ditch (don't look too closely at the stitching though!!) *grins*

I decided to take a few piccies of it yesterday....which proved to be quite a CARRY ON!!!

First of all Rowdy made himself at home....

Then Little Miss Acorn and Miss Willow (Senior House Beagle) got in on the act!!!

SUCCESS....well NEARLY- a picture with ALMOST no daughter and no dogs!!!!

THEN Miss Willow took to guarding the quilt whist Rowdy skulked all furtive- like in the background

.....and sure enough Rowdy hopped back on and they started using it as a beagle wrestling mat!!!


Sue said...

WOW!!! You should be really proud of that!! STUNNING
Taking orders ?;)

Muckyfingers said...

That is lovely KT, nice to know it already has some appreciation too :)

lyzzydee said...

Beautiful!!! Bet you are so pleased to have spent so long on your patented dog wrestling mat!!!

Artyjen said...

Doggie quilted heaven! Sorry not replied to your info you left re my mystery bone folder!! Am still trying to overcome a nasty cold cum flu bug :(
The link was really interesting and it looks like I have the answer - a netting tool - now all I need to find out is what the heck you should really be using it for!!! LOL searches are getting me no where just yet
thanks again

Cath x said...

Well done! It looks amazing x

lyzzydee said...

Me again!!! Quilt is still nice, but pop by my blog I have given you an award for being inspirational!!!!

Sue said...

award for you on my blog xxxx