3 November 2009

Bombshell Blog Hop 9

Can you believe that it's already November??! Where does the time go?!
With a new month we have a new Bombshell- Mary G

Here is Mary's cool challenge for November- create a card using a song (or music) as your inspiration
We can't wait to see what you all come up with!!!

After playing with my Sugar Daddy stamps last week, I had such a blast dressing Sugar Daddy up that I thought I'd have another go!
He's such a spiv, you know a real wide boy, always up to something shady with a wad of cash in his pocket, wearing a sharp suit and a hot babe on his arm!
Well I couldn't get the song 'Mack the Knife' out of my head!!

Although with those flares and those pimp looks I was tempted to make him DADDY COOL a real 70's disco number by Boney M! *grins*

Oh the shark has pretty teeth dear
And he shows them pearly white
Just a jack-knife has Mac-heath dear
And he keeps it out of sight

When the shark bites with his teeth dear
Scarlet billows start to spread
Fancy gloves though wears Mac-heath dear
So there's not a trace of red

On the sidewalk Sunday morning
Lies a body oozing life
Someone's sneaking 'round the corner
Is the someone Mack the Knife?

From a tugboat by the river
A cement bag's dropping down
The cement's just for the weight dear
Bet you Mackies's back in town

Louis Miller disappeared dear
After drawing out his cash
And Mac-heath spends like a sailo
Did our boy do something rash?

Sukey Tawdry, Jenny Diver
Polly Peachum Lucy Brown
O the line forms on the right dear
Now that Mackie's back in town.

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Ms. November - Mary G.






Have a great day guys!!!


Kelli said...

I love it! Especially when you dress him up! I love his outfits!!!!

Mary G. said...

Katie, this is fabulous!! What a great image for that song!!! LOVE his suit!!! Great job!

Shaz said...

OMGoodness ! My huddy loves Boney M.
Great card!

Terra said...

WOW! This is so COOL! You coordinated your patterns beautifully, and I know I said it last time, but Sugar Daddy is one of my faves and you ROCK HIM every time! Perfect for you song choice, I can see the inspiration!

Darsana said...

This song was my great grandma's favorites and your card brought a smile and a setimental tear to my eye. You did a great job with him yet again. Thank you for the memory.

Gabby said...

That is sooo cool! Love how you dress him up!

Creepy Glowbugg said...

Fabulous card! That main image is brilliant!

Kathi said...

That so freaking rocks. I'm totally gobsmacked (again) by your paperpiecing and coloring skills.

I love it. Yeah. I do.

Tanya Rudd said...

I love this card! Fab colours.

lyzzydee said...

Looks like Huggy bear!!!

Bombshell Stamps said...

Oh Katie, Mac The Knife is one of my all time favorite songs (sung by Bobby Darin or ol' blue eyes Sinatra). You have really been working that wolfie over haven't you! Wonderful card, I can't get enough of him!!!

Crazy Creations said...

I love yor card to cool Hugs sarah

Jennifer said...

Perfect song for that card. I love it.