15 October 2009

Whoop Whoop!!!

Woo-hoo one happy crafter here!!!
After dropping childs (!) 2 & 3 at school Me,the Beagues, my pal Lorraine and her pooch Freddie headed out for the park.
Well it was a damp walk to say the least- but we were troopers anyway!!
It was that horrible fine drizzle that just SOAKS into everything.
I was wearing my pink striped fleece and I looked and felt like a very soggy Bagpuss!
Not a great day to be a glasses wearing peep!
When I got home my jeans were soaked, my socks were damp and my hairstyle had been converted to that of 'drowned rat!'

STILL at 11am thinks perked up considerably when the postman delivered my new BOMBSHELLS!!!!
Just sticking these on the EZ mount and despite using he powder i will be covered in yakky, sticky goo soon- mucky bag that I am!!!

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