11 October 2009

October perfect for a little Voodoo!!

It was my pal archi's birthday last Saturday and as she has a cool sense of humour I made this for her:
Along with this little ditty:

If you are feeling stressed out
Or annoyed by what you hear
just take a pin
and stick it IN
make anger disappear!!

I’m just a little dolly
and though I have no hair
there is a special point to me
and you can stick it THERE!

For I’m your Voodoo Dolly
and though I am quite plain
just take a pin
and stick it IN...
and sanity will reign!

So don't worry I'm not a Voodoo follower or a witch (usually!!)

Happy Birthday Archi!!!


Gabby said...

HAHAHAHAHA...I love this!!! Did you make the actual doll? I use to make them for keychains when I was in high school...lol. Great fun Katie!

lyzzydee said...

Brilliant, I could use one of these, it would be good to keep in my drawer at work!!