1 June 2009

Pinch Punch First of the Month!

....and bagsey no returns!!! YAY it's June and it's a beautiful day today. I love June as it's my birthday month (that number just keeps getting bigger each year without any signs of me growing up yet!) and it's the SUMMERTIME!!! For those of us in the UK the weather is an obsession but then you never know what it's going to do one minute to the next *grins* It is a GORGEOUS sunny day again here in Middlesham with the promise of temps upto 27 degrees- amazing stuff!!
So I am Miss JUNE for the divine Bombshell stamps and I'm a HUGE fan as you *might* have guessed *giggles*
So if you want to see more Bombshells and have a looksee at what I've been making then tootle over to PaperCraftPlanet to see everything BOMBSHELL!!!

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