19 October 2008

Feeling Spooky!!

For the Art Raffle run by Flo'.
Theme is 'dark'.
Made little filled potion bottles-
beads for eyeballs.
Shrinkie QK bats
Dragon's blood (distress refill ink)
Tiny spiders made form pom-poms and thread!
All the bottles were corked and sealed with red wax.

Painted a chest with Crackle Paint and inked it.
Made a Sham,en stick wtih a skull shrinkie and thread.
Printed out spells in tiny font on aged paper then rolled and bound with thread!

I love making miniatures :D


Sue said...

You are so clever!! Such fun

jean said...

this is just totally wicked great halloween stuff

Anonymous said...

wow totally creative and clever - love'em

lyzzydee said...

I love the chest and contents brilliant!!

Sarah said...

this arrived today - it's even tinier than I thought - utter genius!

Dee said...

This looks brilliant. Dee x

Jane said...

Wow such inspiration and a lovely spooky/mystical keepsake too
Wonder what the chances of my name being pulled out this month lol, I would love to get my inky fingers on this!

Carmen said...

That is fantastic! Whoever wins this month is going to be one lucky raffleer (is that a word? *g*)Very, very clever!

Trudy said...

this is one of the most fantastic things i have seen..
thank you...thank you so much