13 June 2007

Doctor Whooooooooooo!!!

Well this may have been a Doctor-lite episode but we LOVED IT!!!
'Weeping Angels' scared the flippin' pants off us all!!! The idea of statues coming to life and diappearing peeps to the past was fantastic. I admit a soft spot for time travel stories- loved them from Star Trek TNG. It was brilliantly handled by Stephen Moffat in Doctor Who (who interestingly also wrote the other VERY scarey Who episode 'The Empty Child' and 'The Doctor Dances')
The episode didn't suffer for lack of the Doctor or Martha but then neither did the last series' episode 'Monsters and Angels' (Angels again??!!!) the casting was brilliant and I guess strong leads as well as great stort lines are the key to preventing the episode fropm suffering from lack of the effervescent David Tennant!
Sally Sparrow was a lovely character beautifully and deftly protrayed- she was a real'do-er' in the story moving the action along and using her brain, doing a lot of the work for the Doctor!
I chortled at the Doctor's explanation of the complexities of Time- a 'bubble full of Timey Wimey stuff' was a class line and is oft repeated in our Old Oak Tree!!
Oh BILLY!!! What can I say except poor Billy- he was there for such a short time but played with such extrovert fun that we loved him immediately and felt crushed at what happened- there were tears 'when the rain ended' *sniffs*
Larry was a lovely comedic foil for Sally's 'up and at 'em' but not a fool that you had no sympathy with. We all cheered for Sally and Larry but the montage at the end with the statues was a GREAT creepy ending that had us all looking over our shoulders!!

So there has been much standing still with hands over eyes here in the Tree to creep sisters and brothers out *snicker* ahhhh the joys of scarey Doctor Who episodes!!
Still We're nearly the end of the series *eek* only three episodes to go and Captain Jack is back on Saturday hooray but watch out Martha!!

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