22 April 2007

Loving Doctor Who!

'DH' and I didn't see the first series of the New Doctor Who the first time around. I think after the fiasco of the Who series in the 1980's I was afraid that it would be another thrown together jokey sci-fi programme without substance. However we did start catching up with Christopher Ecclestone et al on good old BBC3 and were soon hooked.
It's great to have a series that the WHOLE family can enjoy together- such a rare thing these days but HOORAY for the BBC for their Saturday evening scheduling!
Been loving series 3 so far. Freema Agyeman is great as the Doctor's new companion and so completely different from Rose. The Doctor and Martha get off to a great start in Smith & Jones when the hospital Martha works in is transported to the moon!
The Shakespeare Code was a great rollicking Doctor Who gone back in time adventure peppered with Shakespearean puns galore- fantastic. Shakespeare was a big old Rock 'n' Roll star of the Globe theatre making him seem glamorous and exciting for the audience!
Gridlock was back to New Earth in the year 5million AD and a grim view of the future it was. The lower orders were stuck for years on 'The Motorway' trying to escape the grind to get to a Utopia they believed existed in the suburbs.
This week's episode was the first of a two parter featuring the badest villains of all time the Daleks. Aided and abetted by the Pig People the Daleks have a dastedly plan (don't they always!) to take their evolution to the next level at the expense of the human race. 1930's Manhatten provides a great backdrop for the story and I can't wait to find out what happens next week!

I'm REALLY enjoying the Dr Who Podcasts by the cast and crew available from the BBC website or on iTunes. Free to download they provide a running audio commentary to each episode frpm Series 2 onwards. I have to say the content varies with each podcast depending on who is providing the commentary. Watch out for those episodes narrated by David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson. They are a scream to listen to and I have found myself chortling away at their asides musch to the bemused looks of my poor family! Even if you are not watching the series simultaneously you will be sure to enjoy the banter!

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