19 April 2007

Kicking 60's Soul Style

I LOVE the funky 60's sould beats from Mark Ronson's new album 'Version'. An Instrumental of Coldplay's 'God Put a Smile On Your Face' will have you moving your feet. To be honest it is SO good you'd think Chris Martin had done the covering of a Soul Original!
Love the lush vocals of Daniel Merriweather on 'Stop Me' amazingly a Smith cover (never been a fan!). Again a band who've never done much for 'Radiohead' have been funked up by Ronson and the laid back voice of Alex Greenwald in 'Just'.
Mark Ronson's style is nothing new Soul Coughing in the 1990's, among others have been combining delish soul beats and funkilicious trumpet and sax breaks with an uptempo beat- but I love it!

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