1 February 2007

Speshal Dares!

Baked with Love.
This was my first Dare with the Speshal Girls
the theme was 'Shake Rattle and Roll those Pots and Pans.'
To me the kitchen aways remind me of my Mum and her baking days. These were great events that my brother and I would relish. The cooker would be turned on and the bowls, utensils and ingredients would appear on the kitchen worktop. Perhaps one of my fondest memories is of 'The Book'. This was the cooking tome which my Mum always used. It was a 1957 version of the Good Housekeeping Guide to Cookery. It has a thick black , embossed leatherette cover and is filled with hundreds of pages of recipes embellished with the most glorious colour illustrations.
The book is now mine but for me it mean 'Mum's Bake Days'. To celebrate these memories I used images from the cook book on my layout along with a photo of Mum and I taken in Yorkshire (where we had a lovely kitchen) in 1975. Things always seem idillic when you look back to when you were five, don't they??!

So pop along to the Speshal Dares website to see all the girls' takes on the kitchen theme. Fantastic work and inspiration as ever lay-dees!

Layout Materials:-
Patterned Paper; Rusty Pickle, Daisy D's
QuicKutz Washington Font.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

I love this LO Katie, and I especially love the way it means so much to you, it's such a personal pageful of memories.

You're very lucky to have that book - I'm sure you will always treasure it.

It's funny, but it's not my mum that figures in "kitchen" memories for me, but my maternal grandmother - probably because she had more time to indulge her only granddaughter with cookery lessons, playing shops with baking stuff etc. Oh and of course the smell of bread rising on the hearth, or bread just out of the oven reminds me without fail of Grandma's kitchen!