22 February 2007

Pancakes and Lent.

We had Pancake fun on Tuesday! Thanks to Delia for her recipe which is a winner even from the very first pancake- you know that first one that you usually have to throw away because it's soaked up ALL the fat in the pan and looks like a deflated balloon!! The OLD Tefal pan did sterling service again and I lost a few pounds sweating over the gas ring!!
It was lovely to make pancakes for everyone as it's one of the few things we ALL eat without any fussing! In fact there was deadly silence.....eating!
We love ours with Sugar and Lemon, occasionally Maple syrup. As you can see 'the Boy with
the Hair' was extremely positive about pancakes and wore a beaut of a sugar beard when he'd finished!!
I missed my Ashes yesterday laid low with a headache (I suspect I'd been pretending to 'think' too much!) but DH and I have decided to forgo ALCOHOL for Lent.....madness.
We're focusing on how good a lovely cold beer will taste after 6 weeks without!

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