10 February 2007

*Happy Dance*

Jaq released this weeks beads and as soon as I saw Purple Rose I knew it HAD to be mine *maniacal laugh* I just LOVE the colours and the translucence *sigh* can't wait to have it nestled up with my other beadies.
So lucky to have such a talented lady as Jaq making these 'one offs' for us.
Imagine we can get our hands on hand made, exclusive beads for about the same price as a Troll bead- fantastic! They really are very special
and I love them!
Jaq's eye for colour is superb and I have NO idea how she gives her beads that liquidity but I love it- I'm sure if I look closely enough
at her beads that the I can see the colours swirling!! Besides being such an amazing jeweler and glass maker she is also a stunning scrapbooker- I tell you if she wasn't so darn nice you *might* be tempted to pinch her!!!

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scrapdolly said...

It's such a lush bead and yes - we are very lucky that Jaq is so talented and wonderful. I love my Dolly's