26 February 2007

Going off half cocked!!!

Some people seem to thrive on drama and controversy don't they? Also these type of people alsways assume that everything is a dig at them or a slight in some way. This is not a point of view I can personally ascribe too because even when a dig IS actually directed at me I often as not Miss it- I spend most of my time living in the Land of Vague you see!
So when Stacey Julian set up a scrapping prompt site I didn't feel compelled to join nor did I feel that she had stolen something from me- why would I??
Well our Design Collective is being regarded by some as The Borg Collective and that 'Resistence is Futile' (thanks to Fiona for reminding me of my fave all time Star Trek baddies!!). I am sorry to say this is NOT the case- would some people LIKE it to 'be so'???!

Unlike the Borg we promise not to ' add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own' although we would love to have feedback and input we will keep it to purely scrapping matters only and you can keep your minds and bodies to yourselves!!

IF you would like ideas and inspiration from the 14 designers involved then please come along and play as scrapping with others is always so much more fun than working away on your own. If you are afraid that we are going to assimilate scrappers into the Collective then fear not- that's not our thing!! After all it's just paper and Herma innit??!


Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

LOL!! You've already been assimilated though hun xxx

Mellie said...

LMAO Katie too funny!I think the Design Collective is a FABULOUS idea!

Jen said...

I miss all the drama, me! Love your take on it LOL