27 February 2007

Dare 42 Rehash that stash

When this Dare was first talked about I will admit that I snickered about the 'OLD' stash we were discussing. Having scrapped for a few years now I have indeed seen trends come - go BANANAS and then sink without trace! I did eyelets, mulberry paper and vellum when I was first starting out and I used them because they were THERE!!! Don't get me wrong I often use products as a springboard for inspiration- there's nothing better than a lush piece of paper or a new embellishment to make you wanna get scrapping. In my early scrapping days eyelets came along and I bunged them on every page going! Part of the attraction was pay back on my children- for once it was ME making the noise Bwahahahaha!!!
Somehow though the thought of using things I had mentally discarded was strangely daunting. Then I felt smug because I have a bit of a 'thing' about NOT hoarding and if something is not being used it gets sold, RAK'ed or recycled. I could NOT therefore have any 'old' products- could I??
Well yes I could- I had two folders STUFFED with the most dreadful shades of Bazzill cardstock (remember the monochromatic phase?) garish vellum (well everyone used it) and a real mishmash of stickers (mostly z's, w's, q's amd x's!!). OOPS!!!!
Well these two folders were perfect for my cardstock scraps I use for my QuicKutz and my 'new' sticker collection so I HAD to empty them out.
As I looked through the hoard I started remembering WHY I had bought a particular piece of vellum and what I had used it on, or WHEN I had first seen this paper used and where I had bought something. I started to feel all nostalgic!!
So I sorted through all this stash and found some lovely vellum and MM definition Stickers perfect for this layout of 'Miss Acorn's' birthday! Using vellum was an excuse to let fly with the eyelets although this time I used my Crop-a-dile so it was a quiet affair!!

HOTP Vellum
Bazzil Cardstock
Daisy D's Paintchip
White alphabet stickers
QK Revolution Abigail Font

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