31 January 2007

Virus Attack!!!

No not the computer- ME!!!
It started with the 'Boy with the Hair' suffering with a temp and sore throat and the most AWFUL sounding cough over the weekend. He was dosed with the world's bestest kid medicine Ibuprofen (Universal Panacea!!) and slepy soundly through his temp.
DH and I visited a local eaterie and had a fabulicious time!!
DH: Chicken Liver pate on biscotti. (yum!)
Me: Fried Rice balls one with melted Mozarella one with meat Ragu and a pepper sauce for dipping (yum)

DH: Penne with spicy sausage meat sauce (spicy but delish)
Me: Pork Medallions with roasted peppers and rosemary roasted potatoes (YUM YUM!)

DH & Me: Hot choc pudd with vanilla icecream. (yum yum yum!!!)

Ahhhh it was wunnerful! Especially as my BFF was watching the sproggies so we felt super relaxed!!! And this was the first K & KJ outing for 2 years!!! Yikes what HAVE we been doing with ourselves???

Anyway a relaxed Sunday turned out to be 'Infectious Sunday' The 'Blonde Tall One' and myself seem to be magnets for every virus going and sure enough we joined 'The Boy with the Hair' on the sickies list. By evening 'Little Miss Acorn' was also ailing.
Monday no school
Tuesday DH had joined us on the sickies bench.
Today recovery is finally in sight.

So I warn you now- before you read this post VIRUS SCAN!!!!!!!

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Joy said...

oooh!!!!! sending ++++++++ vibes..... We've all had it hear, too, nasty stuff!

Sounds like you had a great night out, though! You'll have to make it a regular think... And yum on that pudding!