23 January 2007


My 'Katie' bead arrived this morning from Jaq and it is BEEEEEE-AUTIFUL *screeches excitedly* it looks perfect nestled next to my other Trollies. I cannot understand why there were NO purple/mauve/lilac Troll Beads so Jaq obliged with this absolute beaut of a bead.
If she wasn't so lovely I might want to pinch Jaq for being so DARN talented!!!!! Thank you so much Jaq- oh and another Dolly Bead *might* have fallen in my basket this morning!! Tee-Hee!

1 comment:

Fiona (aka Erisindevon) said...

Your 'trolley' of beads looks lush KT. The purple one looks FAB on the bracelet :D. I want more purple ones now LOL but I can't afford it just yet.