26 January 2007

The Good and the Useless!!

I love scrapbooking tools, they make life easier and aid the flow of creativity. PLUS they are not classed as frivilous purchase so do not count if you are on a Stash Diet!!!
Ok so this:-
Is a class bit of equipment. It aids the age old storage problem
and is small and neat enough to sit on your desk.

OK now this strikes me as a daft marketing idea:
Did you ever realise that you ad a need for....
wait for this........a ribbon iron *slaps forhead*
I for one WON'T be purchasing this particular



joanna said...

I can really see the merits in a ribbon iron :D :D NOT!!! If you really, really must iron ribbon, use your regular iron LOL!! D'you think the freebies are in the post, KT??!!

Rhi said...

A ribbon iron! Will wonders never cease! Ironing is a swear word in my house, whats wrong with shutting them in a heavy book overnight! lol!

Sally R said...

Or using your hair straighteners???