26 November 2006

I-Spy books - not just for kids!!!

We've been buying these books for the sprogs for the last couple of years having discovered them accidentally on Amazon.
Walter Wickthe photographer of these books is a genius. I cannot begin to fathom how his mind works- but I love the way it does what it does!
Each page is a feast for the eyes, often a collage of loosely related items, sometimes an intricate miniature scene. On their own these pictures would be enough to satisfy but Walter Wick adds another dimension. Rhymes along side the pictures encourage you to search for hidden objects within the image. Nothing is as simple as it seems because Mr. Wick plays with size and depth. Images are often hidden within other objects, or they might be a reflection or a shadow. All cunning and absorbing stuff!

Our sprogs can take these books out time and time again. In fact when the written puzzles are solved they take it in turns to make up their own searches- resulting in a comptitive bedtime redaing session!
Walter's Christmas offerings are a delight and his website has interactive elements that are bound to draw you to the books!

Have fun reading!

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