19 October 2006

Let's get this bag finished!!!

It was time to wrap this project up- eyelets were needed LARGE ones!
First it was hole poking time- always a good stress reliever! It looked slightly odd at this time- a little like a new effort by the BBC workshop to design a new monster to terrorise Dr Who??

Now it was time to decipher how to use the eyelet tool- part A into part C above part G....PART G???!!! Out came the mighty mallet- I love that Big Boy!!!
Six eyelets and one thumb bashed later- it was i-cord threading time.....

.....tied off and added my Noni flower and I was FINISHED!!!!!

I wore the bag to school that afternoon as I was wrangling the littlies in a paint-down!!! And bless my three observant bunnies they all noticed and said nice things taht made me all warm and fuzzy inside- I WUBS you babas-OOodles XXXXXX

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